Our work

Elegance is a french company that specializes in metalworking, blacksmithing and all fine
architectural works born from the merging of both traditional technique (forgework, repoussage,
engraving, chading, engraving, etc.) and modern technics (CAD, CAM, 3d printing, welding, laser
cuting, etc).
While our knowledge and tradtion is local, our clientel is not limited to one location, even if our
clients are mainly in Savoy we also cater to clients from: Annecy, Chambery, Miribel, Courchevel,
Paris, Lyon and even farther reaching places like Swizerland (Geneva) and many others. We
manage  all steps of your projects from design to instalation.


Both deeply attracted to, and inspired by, metal work, Baptise Sorel and Aurélien Angelloz-
Nicoud have had a ten years training in France and beyond, improving their
professional skills with artisitic training (Beaux-arts, school of architecture) and testing their
talents and motivations in several competitions and exams that have brought home first prize in
many areas.
In 2016: they met. After a short professional experience in France, they were
sought after in the United States for the realisation of a prestigious work: a forged railing in the
style of the french blacksmith Gilbert Poillerat, meant for an hotel in New York city. During those
few months, their will of working together was confirmed and validated. Finally, in 2018 , April,
they decided to gather their skills, motivation, and passion for metalworking and create Elegance

A signature

Stairs, railings, portals, balconies, furniture or sculptures; we guarantee that our creations are the
harmonious result of both our client’s wishes, and our experience and know-how with fine
architecture. Never forgeting functionality, we research, and stufy to create a signature of Elegance :
both our spirit’s and hands working as one.